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Why I am Running for Office

I am running for office because there is a significant gap in supports and resources available to students of Color at the Community College level, that help to ensure their successful completion of academic programs. As a 22 year veteran serving the K-12 public school system, I have supported the varying needs of our students and will bring CULTURALLY RELEVANT experience to the RECRUITMENT and RETENTION of students of Color at the Community College level.


My Experience

My previous experience that has led me to the decision to run for this position includes:
     • Over 10 years as a K-12 public school classroom teacher
     • Additional 10 years as a K-12 public school Administrator including school Principal
     • Advocate for Exceptional students and their parents; IEP Coach
     • Founder of a non profit organization focused on reform of education for African American and   Latino students
     • Former LACCD student; attended El Camino Community College to aid in completion of my Bachelor of Arts Degree from Clark Atlanta University
     • Parent of Freshman college student


Interfacing With My Constituents

As a newly elected LACCD Board Trustee, I will interface with my constituents in a similar manner I interfaced with my students, teachers, parents and staff; by listening with an open mind and heart, being present, hands on and available.
As a former school Principal, I took great PRIDE in the fact that my students and my parents and even community members knew my name, my vision, my passion and my heart. I maintained an open door policy and provided my cell phone number to everyone, every time. No job was too big or too small to handle directly. On the first day of school I served lunch to students and staff, and on the days prior to Covid-19 school closure, I walked the halls, cleaned restrooms, mopped floors and emptied trash to ensure the safety of students and staff in the building and to ultimately make sure that the job got done.
This will continue into my term service to the students and staff of LACCD.


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Our campaign is focusing on presenting the issues through education and we are not in need of a huge campaign budget. Your $5 donation not only pledges support for Principal Tunson, but for the future of our society, the next leaders, business owners and tradesmen- and future GRADUATES OF THE LOS ANGELES COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT.
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